Sending Bulk SMS in Kenya

How to Start a Bulk SMS Reseller Business at Celcom Africa Bulk SMS?

1. Register with Celcom Africa Bulk SMS Since you will be buying and selling custom SMS units, you will need to register with Celcom Africa Bulk SMS from whom you will buy your SMS units. We will provide you with your own bulk SMS reselling platform, which will serve as the portal through which your […]

SMS Reseller Solutions|Bulk SMS in Kenya|Celcom Africa Bulk SMS

WHO IS A BULK SMS RESELLER? A Bulk SMS reseller is an individual who possesses a Bulk SMS software and brands its services accessible to persons and companies that want to exploit the services for bulk messaging. The Bulk SMS reseller offers a service at a predetermined cost to an end user and in the […]

How to Boost Client Relationships Through Bulk SMS in Kenya

Most companies fail due to poor relationships with their clients. As vital as acquiring new customers is, client relationship management experts assert that it’s much more important to retain existing ones than go out looking for new ones. Various studies have shown that it takes five times the maximum amount to attract a new customer […]

Bulk SMS | Bulk SMS Kenya

Bulk SMS is a useful marketing channel that should be an integral part of any mobile marketing strategy that tends to achieve real success in the modern mobile world. As we all know, mobile phones are ruling our digital world, so mobile-focused marketing has become a focal point of every strategic marketing planning. Mobile marketing is a huge […]

How to use SMS API Integration to Send Bulk SMS

What is SMS API Integration? An application programming interface (API) is a set of programming protocols, standards and instructions for accessing a web-based application. SMS API Integration is released to the public that enables developers to power their services. The end-user only sees one interface. Behind the scenes, many APIs are working together and integrating with SMS solutions to provide a […]

Bulk SMS for Election Campaign in Kenya

Celcom Africa provides low-cost Bulk SMS in Kenya for Election Campaigns. The Political parties can use Bulk SMS for election campaign in Kenya as well as in the normal political campaigns. Through these politicians can maximize the success in the election via sending their manifestos, campaigns etc. Uses of Bulk SMS for Election Campaign: Texts can Effectively Turn […]

How do political parties use their political SMS messages?

As political parties are looking to move their political SMS messages out, people are choosing to receive those messages via text message. If political campaigns are not texting their addressees, then they are already behind their opponents and possible opponents that could always come out of the woodwork. There are several reasons political campaigns use […]

How does bulk SMS messaging work?

Bulk SMS messaging is one of the fastest tools of interacting with your target audience in a reasonable and effective manner. With the best open rates and speedy delivery, SMS Service has surpassed the standard conventional tools and emerged as the most preferred mode of communication channel for every industry and organization. There are two forms of Bulk SMS routes: Promotional bulk […]

Different Ways churches can use Celcom Africa Bulk SMS

Your church growth dream can come true sooner if you follow these simple guidelines to integrate bulk SMS for the churches expansion plan. Each church desires to grow not only in numbers but also spiritually. The expansion of each church is connected to numerous factors and one in all such factors is the ability to communicate the principle of the ministry with the members’ successfully. […]

Most Fascinating Facts About SMS

We have spent a lot of time talking about bulk SMS marketing services and also the importance of SMS as a beneficial marketing tool, apart from being an awesome communicating channel. Since all people certainly love sharing their SMS messages, to transfer promotional knowledge from lovely clients to the brands has become extremely easy and […]

Send Bulk SMS|Use SMS Marketing to Increase Sale

End of month is here and a great opportunity to reconnect with your customers and clients. You can plan out effective marketing strategies during end month that will help you in making a better connection with your customers and boost your sale. Today there are many ways to promote product or service. One of the […]

How to Enhance Clients Brand Experience Through Bulk SMS Services?

Kenya small business enterprises can maximize the advantages of mobile communication technology to create customer loyalty and brand awareness by using bulk SMS services. Traditional business communication media has decrease ineffectiveness in the face of new media. Mostly social media have a standard attribute of easy accessibility, higher coverage and real-time tracking. It is usually […]