Amazing Benefits of SMS Marketing Campaigns

The benefits of including mobile marketing in your overall marketing strategy are numerous. And benefits has positive effects on the company running SMS marketing campaigns.

  • Deliver-ability

As 94% of all text messages are read, your marketing message will be seen by virtually all of the subscribers in your campaign.

SMS marketing campaigns | Celcom Africa
  • Qualified Recipients

Since your subscribers have opted-in to receiving your offers and promotional messages, you know they have an active interest in your business, and your products.

  • Flexibility

With text messages sent and received within minutes of starting your campaign, you can use mobile marketing for ad-hoc purposes, such as driving traffic to your store on slow nights (“Make a purchase within x hours, and receive a xx % discount!”), or clearing out overstock items before end of month. This is the new “Blue Light Special”!

  • Range of Use

Mobile marketing can be used for a wide range of purposes: announcing new product, one-day specials, new store openings, special events…etc.

Subscribers can be treated as an exclusive group for offers and information that only they have access to, increasing loyalty, purchases, and speed of communications.

In conclusion, SMS marketing campaigns has more positives and thus recommended to used to supplement other marketing channels.

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