Bulk SMS for Election Campaigns – Complete Guide

Bulk SMS for Election Campaign in Kenya

As elections sets pace, political strategies keep evolving to match the current digital era. Text Messaging has been adopted widely among the leading political parties across the world.

Over the years, we have seen great success among our political clients that have used our platform in reaching their voters. Bulk SMS messaging has played a crucial role in shaping how communication is being done during the election period.

When done in the right manner, it can deliver desirable results. On the other hand, when you overdo text messaging it can annoy the voters and create a negative reception of your campaigns.

In this article, we are going to look at what do and don’t of text messaging during campaign periods as well best practices of political SMS messaging.

Is it legal to do Political SMS Messaging?

Political SMS messaging is legally allowed, however, it is highly regulated as compared to other text messaging types.

The communication authorities are very strict on political parties using SMS marketing when communicating with voters. Everything boils down to consent.

The voters who should be receiving your political messages should be people who have opted to receive such political messages or informational messages from you. Some of the key compliance that you need to follow in order to protect yourself from sues or being completely banned from using political SMS include;

  • Ensure that all your messages are compliant with local authorities guildelines especially on consent approval.The opt in must neverbe conditional to buy or do any specific action.
  • Your first message should be for confirmation and should tell your voters the nature of messages they shoulld expected, the frequency of receiving the messages, data rates (if there is any cost must be disclosed).
  • Your message must have a clear call to action like the purpose of signing up your messages.

SMS compliance policies were formulated in order to protect consumers’ data and prevent political entities from sending hateful messages or other forms of spammy messages.

Best Practices in Political SMS

Even though promotional SMS marketing compliance can never be compromised, there are some practices that if when done properly improve the communication with your voters and leave the lasting effects of your campaigns.

According to observations that we have made on our platform, voters tend to unsubscribe or opt-out not to receive political messages from any political party if the political party;

  • Send messages to voters too often that required. It is advisable as a political entity not to send any message if you dont have something meaningful to send than nag your subscribers
  • Never received consent from the voters to recieve the messages.
  • Ask voters to share whom they are planning to vote for during election.
Benefits of Bulk sms during campaigns in Kenya

Some of the best practices that we advise our political customers to do when preparing to do political messaging include;

  1. Keep your frequency Authentic

What is the point of nagging your potential voters if you don’t have an important message to deliver to them? Send messages only when you have a special message or information that matters to them and that they have a high potential of taking the necessary action.

2. Personalization of messages.

How ill you feel when your preferred political party text you by your name? There is a high possibility that you will open the message, read and take the action required. That is the power of having personalized SMS.

If you want to see an increase in engagement of your messages then that is the most important step to consider.

3. Have a clear call to action

What is the reason for doing political messaging to your voters or members of your political party?

There is no point in sending a message without a clear reason or an actionable thing that your recipient should do. Bulk SMS is limited by character and you need to utilize the space provided to achieve the best out of it and reduce the cost. This demands that you have a well clear call to action.

For instance, in your message, you can ask your recipient to register to vote or to vote for you on a specific date. Be clear in your message.

4. Engage your SMS recipient.

How engaging is your message? Do you send out a generalized message or do you engage your followers through message content that necessitates a voter to respond to your message?

When you use engaging content in your SMS, you make your recipient respond to your messages and take action that you wanted. If you were using the messages to collect the views of your followers in order to make a stand as a politician, then Bulk SMS texting will be the best tool to use.

Uses of Bulk SMS during Election Campaign:

  • For Event Alert

During political periods, rallies are most common and text messaging tends to play an important role in reaching out to members of your movement.

You can use bulk SMS to inform the voters of the venue of your next rally and the date when it will be held.

  • Remind the voting day

As you know the campaign season starts when the electoral commission formally allows the politicians to start persuading the voters.

As a politician, having a higher number of voters turning out during the voting day and registering to be voters is a very important process that you need to pay attention to. You can use SMS to reach out to your supports to turn out in numbers and register to become a voter.

In addition, during or a few days before the election, you need to remind the voters of the date and materials they need to carry during voting day.

  • Send important announcement

Most voters between the age of 18-45 years of age preferred to receive texts over telemarketing. It is for this reason that you can use bulk SMS to communicate your stand on matters of national importance that has a high probability of sway voters toward your political movement.

This strategy has been used in major campaigns and it has been working so well especially when election day is approaching. It is cost-effective and can reach many people at the same time.

Politicians and political parties can use text messaging in addressing issues that affect the people that you can solve when you assume office.

  • Get camapign volunteers

Are you looking for people to volunteer during your campaigns? You can SMS to reach out to your members, asking them to volunteer in your campaign.

Having members of your movement volunteer to campaign for you and help you in organizing rallies in the area is a great way of ensuring voters become part of the process of the election campaigns.

This contributes positively towards persuading people to vote for you.