Bulk SMS for Election Campaign in Kenya

Celcom Africa provides low-cost Bulk SMS in Kenya for Election Campaigns. The Political parties can use Bulk SMS for election campaign in Kenya as well as in the normal political campaigns.

Through these politicians can maximize the success in the election via sending their manifestos, campaigns etc.

Uses of Bulk SMS for Election Campaign:

  • Texts can Effectively Turn the Electoral tide:

Sending SMS for political campaigns, alerts, announcements others. Text messages are

more cost effective as compared to other campaigning tools.

  • Send SMS to invite people for event and rallies:

Send event and rally bulk SMS alerts to political members and members of the public. This notification help remind your followers of an important meeting that you are about to hold. You can also inform them where and when the meeting will be held.  

Remind your followers of the voting day:

This can be used to remind the public to take voters card and also register for elections. Send them an SMS reminder a week to the election day or the day of elections reminding the voters to cast their vote on the election date. Another way you can use bulk SMS to your advantage as a politician is to send voter reminders and notifications of the different items they are supposed to carry and also remind them of their respective polling stations.

Send important announcement:

As a politician you want your message to get to the appropriate people on time and using the most cost-effective tool you can afford. Bulk SMS service is the most affordable marketing tool. You can use bulk SMS marketing to send out import messages or announcement to your following. SMS has the power of making the public decide to vote for you because it will help address all the issues that you want to solve for them.

  • Send individualized and personalized messages:

In this day and age almost, everyone has a smartphone or a phone that can access SMS messages. SMS massagers are inbuilt in all phones and it is easy for you as a politician to get hold of most of your clients.

Get more people to volunteer to help you out in your campaign:

Understand people’s needs and give assurance to their needs to make more volunteer and therefore increasing your support base.

When used properly, however, political texts can forge impactful connections. Here are just a few things to keep in mind before you hit send.

 Keep your frequency low
If you don’t have anything new to share, it’s best practice not to send a message. With political text messages especially it’s better to err on the side of infrequency.

 Personalize messages whenever possible
88% of marketers reported measurable improvements with their messages thanks to personalization. Something as simple as seeing their name could drive someone to open or click where they otherwise might not have.

Keep messages actionable
Recipients shouldn’t finish a message unclear on what you want them to do. A key to writing a strong political text message is ending it with something actionable. Something like: register to vote, vote for me on x/xx/XXXX, pledge your support, volunteer at this event, etc.

 Focus content on the recipient
Messages that add value to the recipient are often received more positively which is reflected by higher engagement and response rates. For example, send a message with a few trigger options asking the recipient to respond with the issue they’re most passionate about to learn about the candidate’s stance.

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