Celcom Africa wishes you a Happy Easter.

Happy Easter from Celcom Africa Bulk SMS
Happy Easter from Celcom Africa Bulk SMS

Given that this Easter year is different, it is still important to enjoy this time with the people you love. Remember you are apart not alone.

We know that maintaining effective communication is vital, the Celcom Africa team is available round the clock, to ensure all mission-critical messages are sent. We want you to know we’re here to assist you in every way we can.

To help our customers maintain a sense of community and fun, we’ve created a blog post on all the ways you can feel connected to socialize with friends and family, using technology already at your fingertips.

If your company, school, or organization must get an information message out regarding Covid-19 Coronavirus to staff, parents, students, or club/church members there are few better ways to try to so than sending a Bulk Text message.

Why SMS?
• SMS apps are automatically installed on all phones
• Delivered in Seconds with Real-Time Delivery Reports
• 98% of messages are read. • 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of being sent

This is how you formulate a message during difficult times

When faced with a crisis, businesses got to communicate appropriately, transparently, and sympathetically. Alerting management, employees, stakeholders, customers, and therefore the public about what’s happening is instrumental in navigating through difficult times.
Ensure to speak three critical pieces of data when formulating your message:
1. What the crisis is
2. How the crisis might affect the business
3. What is often done to stop and reduce the impact on all involved
And don’t forget:
• Make it short and sweet; be concise together with your message and only include the essentials
• Only provide accurate information backed by official health organizations
• Have empathy; it’s important to recollect we are all human

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and keep safe!