How SMS has turned into a powerful business tool

Today on Business daily our Director Ruth Gachomo was featured on one of the article How SMS has turned into a powerful business tool. Click the link below:-

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Some of the major point to take home from the article would be:-

The benefit of using this system includes:

  • SMS marketing is Cost Saving in that, it is possible to contact all clients at a very low cost compared to print Ads in the media.
  • Bulk SMS marketing has an Extensive Reach – Statistics of mobile communication users is 8-9 times more, compared to other communication channels. It has advantages over the normal telephone, fax, and email.
  • In terms of Speed – SMS Messages can be delivered to the recipient in seconds all depending on the specific gateway used, route of delivery, and coverage of the mobile operator.
  • SMS marketing will definitely Save your time – Instead of crafting a message and then sending it to each client, one message is created and broadcast to all your clients manually or automatically.
  • Text messaging is an Efficient and Effective mode of Communication in that the message is delivered in real-time and gets to the targeted group unlike posting ads in the media which at times go unnoticed.
  • It is right to say that SMS marketing has a High conversion rate: Since text messages provide you with high readability, the conversion rate is also higher.
  • Text messages Feedback is an important aspect of bulk SMS it’s instantaneous nature, which allows your business to request instant feedback from users of your product or new service subscribers.

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