How to Use SMS Marketing to Increase Sale in Business

SMS Marketing to Increase Sale

The end of the month is here and a great opportunity to reconnect with your customers and clients. You can plan out effective marketing strategies during the end month that will help you in making a better connection with your customers and boost your sale. This is where SMS marketing comes into play in an effort to increase sales.

Today there are many ways to promote a product or service. One of the best, high ROI, cost-effective, prompt, and pursued marketing platforms is SMS Marketing.

Tips and Tricks on how to use SMS marketing to increase sales in business.

  1. Welcome New Customers: Sending SMS to welcome a new client is an effective way of showing interest and adds to a high level of buyer service. More particularly, if a client has signed up to an on-screen newsletter or opted in to an SMS promo list, it’s safe to practice to let them know that their details have been received and their relevance in the company is appreciated.
  2. Discount Offers: 97% of text messages are opened within seconds. 42% of buyers say sales and discounts are the most significant features for end week/month shopping and they prefer SMS over electronic mails.
  3. Mobile Coupon Redemption: Coupons delivered via SMS have redemption rates 10 times higher than the printed coupons.
  4. Send SMS Greetings: Be it the end of the beginning of the month, end of the month, or the festive season this is the best time when people are usually willing to do the shopping, and sending the greeting through SMS at this time will surely bring customers to your shop again.
  5. Using links to promote your online presence: You can incorporate links in Bulk SMS messages to encourage the customer to look at your site and view seasonal campaigns, new products, and blogs. Smartphone potentials can effectively ensure that buyers are simply a click away from viewing your site.
  6. Order confirmations and delivery updates: Contacting customers with an SMS text to let them know that their order has been received is another significant way of providing exemplary customer service. In addition, it’s helpful for customers to know the status of their order, estimated delivery times, and when their package is on the way.

The list is infinite and doesn’t forget, the general public likes to receive text messages, make your customers contented. Mobile advertising offers substantially more targeted reach communicating with buyers who want to hear from you while also offering a higher return on investment than any other form of promotion.

Most Business Uses SMS marketing to increase sale and build lasting relationships with customers.

SMS Marketing engage your customer directly, at a personal level, and can direct them straight to your business.