Sending Bulk SMS in Kenya

Pros of Bulk SMS Service

When speaking to new and potential customers at Celcom Africa Bulk SMS we are often asked what are the benefits of using a bulk SMS service as opposed to the many other forms of marketing that exist. There are many advantages of using transnational and promotional Bulk SMS Service. It is secure enough for transaction. Here […]

Bulk SMS for School | Cheapest Bulk SMS provider SMS gateway API

Bulk SMS for schools is quicker way to alert and inform students, teachers, parents and guardians in a fast-hassle-free communication. Schools/ Colleges/ University Bulk SMS helps schools do bulk SMS messaging but also lets them send report cards and fee balance notifications to parents via SMS. WHY SCHOOLS BULK SMS are important Inform Parents and Guardians […]

SMS Reseller Solutions|Bulk SMS in Kenya|Celcom Africa Bulk SMS

WHO IS A BULK SMS RESELLER? A Bulk SMS reseller is an individual who possesses a Bulk SMS software and brands its services accessible to persons and companies that want to exploit the services for bulk messaging. The Bulk SMS reseller offers a service at a predetermined cost to an end user and in the […]

5 Key Ways to Build Customer Relationships

Consumers play a critical part in today’s digital-driven world. With the introduction of technology evolution, customers are constantly looking for stabilization of relationships with the clientele. Corporations and businesses success ratio among customers and client can be judged by the useful tools of simplicity, flexibility, convenience. To see accurate results of success, the factor of […]

Bulk SMS Service Kenya | Four Tips for Better Text-Message Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing is the most efficient way to market your business. There are different reasons why it is gaining prominence in the eCommerce industry. Another benefit to using a research paper support is they will not just help you get your everybody could check here academic paper written, but they’ll also edit your own […]