SMS Marketing | How to Build Effective Contact Database

How to Build Effective Contact Database with Bulk SMS

Modern-day world is changing so fast that all the time and there is need to act quickly, in order to continue to be listened to and fight for the attention of your clientele.

If you are trying to endorse your product and grow your business with SMS marketing, you have no other choice but only to be constantly present on the web, and in recent years also on mobile devices.

Social networks, banner ads, QR codes, apps… There are hundreds of ways of how mobile users get information. One of the ways to “penetrate” into the user’s mobile is SMS marketing.

Today we’ll describe you most widespread “white” channels of how to collect your own contact database without spamming. This database consist of people, who consciously gave their phone number, which means that are interested in all the services or products, is willing to get a piece of news about your business.

This “white” way is completely different from the ways when you simply buy a database of some contacts, having no idea who are those people, are they ready to receive your SMS marketing, will they be happy getting it.

Here are some additional fields you may want to include:

  • Important dates.
    It’s crucial that you know the last time you worked with (or spoke to), as well as what your goals are for a follow-up call. You can use this information to make sure you aren’t going too long without keeping in touch.
  • Type of contact.
    Whether you’re speaking over the phone, sending an email, or planning a direct mail effort, you need to communicate differently with certain audiences. What you say to clients will not necessarily be the same as what you say to prospects. Your spheres of influence need unique messages as well. By categorizing your contacts, you can easily sort and segment them for more targeted marketing opportunities.
  • Notes about recent conversations or encounters.
    This info is invaluable when following up, and it’s too important to trust to memory. Record notes about what you discussed during a recent conversation, reminders to yourself to follow up on specific topics, or even personal information about the contact, such as birthdays, or hobbies.
  • Social media accounts.
  • Not only can you communicate with clients, prospects, and influencers you are connected with on these channels, you can also use them to glean information that will help you build and strengthen relationships.