Text Messaging for Schools and Educational Institutions

It’s undeniable that screens have become a part of our lives. This is especially reflected across the ways that we educate. It’s logical then to harness the power and influence of mobile devices to make the jobs of teachers, students, and parents easier.

Whether you’re a daycare, large university, or a local elementary school, a text messaging for schools system will work to keep all parties safe and up-to-date.

Need a way to get an important message to all your students as quickly and efficiently as possible? 98% of texts messages are read in 3 minutes! What’s more, studies show that teens and young adults prefer texting to using phones call.

Celcom Africa bulk SMs makes it easy to send text updates and alerts to thousands of students and parents.

Celcom Africa bulk SMS hit the main pain point, which is students don’t really open their emails and they don’t listen to their voicemails. so the best way to get to them is through SMS.