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Here's how Bulk SMS works.

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How Celcom Africa BulkSMS Ebilling Service Works

How Bulk SMS Sending Service Works

Upload Contacts & Contact Info:-

Upload Contacts i.e. Phone Numbers and Contact Info e.g. Name, Account Number, etc via a Spreadsheet such as MS Excel. Uploaded Contact Info can be used to Send Personalized Messages to Contacts by using Variables in the Text Message

Compose bulk SMS Message:-

Write the bulk SMS message that you would like to send out, including variables in the SMS message body based on uploaded contact info e.g. Name or Account Numbers
Then add the phone numbers of the recipients of your bulk SMS message.

Schedule the bulk SMS Send Time(s)

Pick A Time and Date when you would like the bulk SMS sent. You also have the option of Repeating the bulk SMS sent at specified times and dates or repeating the bulk SMS on a regular interval e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

Preview, Confirm & Send bulk SMS:-

Preview the bulk SMS Message, Correct any Identified Errors, and confirm text Message for Sending. It allows you to catch any errors in your bulk message in advance.

View bulk SMS Outbox and Delivery Reports of Sent bulk SMS:-

View your bulk SMS outbox to see a list of sent bulk SMS messages and their delivery reports. You also view and manage scheduled bulk SMS e.g. delete or edit.

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