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What is bulk SMS API Gateway?

A bulk SMS gateway is the means through which a computer can send or receive bulk SMS messages. Often allowing for the conversion and sending of other forms of media, SMS gateways will generally utilize the same mobile phone networks as the messages sent from a mobile phone.

How to Use Bulk SMS Gateway To Your Benefit:

SMS gateway is employed in two ways; Transactional service and Promotional service.

  • Transactional SMS API gateway is used for various alerts like order confirmation from the e-Commerce website, OTP confirmation from the user, transaction alert, SMS from bank, bus reservation alert, and sending important information to users/clients/employees.
  • Promotional SMS API gateway is used in advertisements. Bulk SMS marketing has become the best because it is the cheapest marketing solution.

We provide SMS gateway API integration - Upon creating an alert/notification campaign, you will get an API URL which can have parameters for all the custom variables you defined within the text message. An SMS gateway allows applications and platforms to send bulk SMS in Kenya from the system automatically. It is a revolutionary addition that will help developers build custom applications and integrate systems with Celcom Africa.

Here is an example of what a bulk SMS API Integration can do:

  • Automate instant bulk SMS notifications to send in the case of a system failure.
  • Create unique activation codes to be sent to clients via text message.
  • Send automated bulk SMS notifications when bookings are made.
  • Send automatic appointment reminders via bulk SMS messages.
What are the benefits of bulk SMS API?
  • The utilization of an bulk SMS API can make your SMS gateway services available to all or any technological networks and platforms that your company uses by merging these numerous systems into one functional control center.
  • The transfer and delivery speed are also fast, and you can send hundreds of bulk SMS messages within a second. SMS gateway also guarantees complete data security.
  • Bulk SMS gateway APIs are efficient and versatile. Your developers can easily incorporate the functions of the SMS gateway into your systems.
  • SMS API also ensures that your system is fast in terms of speed and reliability. You can send text messages directly from your computer within seconds; hence, satisfying your customer expectations since you'll reply to their bulk SMS messages in time.

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